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Our 6 and 12 volt Motorcycle Batteries are Sealed, Maintenance Free , filled with Acid and fully charged. We also stock 12 volt High Performance Dry Charge Batteries. Sealed maintenance free batteries make the battery spill-proof and prevents acid leakage, reduces corrosion and extends battery life. Special separators eliminate water loss and the need to refill with acid. These batteries can withstand severe vibration which affords extended battery life and dependability. Extra strength to the cover assures reserve electrolyte capacity for cooler operating temperature and gives greater resistance to gas, oil and impact in extreme weather conditions. Our High Performance lines provide less resistance for more cranking power and are equipped with safety valves to relieve excess pressure. All of our batteries meet or exceed Powersports Original Equipment Specifications.

Please call with your year, make, cc's and model for exact price and capacity. Our 6,000 sq. ft. building warehouses over $500,000 in various replacement batteries and battery related items. We carry a variety of different terminal connections. If you're having difficulty finding a particular motorcycle type, please call to speak to one of our experienced technicians for advice.

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