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12volt 500-800CCA Auto Battery

2volt 500-800CCA Auto battery tucson

Car & Truck Battery
(High Power: 500-800CCA)

$87.00 - $153.00
with core exchange

60 Month Warranty - 18 Months Free Replacement

Our High Powered Economy Line batteries are suitable for most 6 or 8 cyclinder engines. Top or Side Post Applications are available. New batteries at almost reconditioned prices!

We also stock a wide variety of low power replacement batteries for small engine automobiles with 40 Month Warranty and 12 Months Free Replacement.

Please call with your year, make, and model for exact price and capacity. Our 6,000 sq. ft. building warehouses over $500,000 in various replacement batteries and battery related items.

We will show you how to install your own battery at no charge, or we offer battery installations with full electrical system check for a nominal fee.

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