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Battery Chargers: How to Choose the Right One

There are plenty of different battery chargers out there, so how do you know if the one you are about to buy is the one you need?

12volt, 5/30/90 amp cranking assist Battery Bench Charger

The first thing you need to know is what kind of battery you have. Is it Maintenance Free, Wet Cell (flooded), AGM (absorbed glass mat), Gel Cell or VRLA (valve regulated lead acid). A good number of chargers will work for all of them except Gel Cell. However, there are also some Gel Cell chargers that can work with other types as well.
Gel Cell batteries are ones with a silica type gel that the electrolyte is suspended in. It it commonly mistaken for AGM, because both of those battery types have liquid in them and can ensure that none of that liquid leaks if the battery breaks.

The type of battery is not all you have to know. How many Amp hours does it store? In order to make sure that your battery does not take 11 hours to charge because the charger is not ideal, take the amp hour rating of the battery divided by the amps, and add 10% for what it would take to top off the battery. For example, a 10 amp charger would take about 11 hours to do a full charge on a battery that has 100 amp hours, or 6 hours to do a full charge on a battery with 50 amp hours.

Now that you know all of that, think about what you are actually using the charger for. Is it to keep your car or motorcycle from losing its charge if you don’t ride it for a few months? If that’s the case, a low current charger will work just fine. But if you need something to charge quickly for more immediate use, a faster charger is better for your purposes. If you have an RV, maybe you will want a charger that doubles as a power supply. Or if the charger will be outdoors a lot, such as if you need it while camping or traveling, a waterproof charger may be better than a standard one. And if you need to charge several batteries at once, there are chargers that do that, too.

Overall, if you know what type of battery you want a charger for, you have the most important part covered, because that makes it easier to determine whether or not the charger will work. After that, it depends on how fast you want the battery to charge for your purposes.

The Family Holiday Road Trip Checklist

Anyone preparing for a family road trip is likely to have an extensive checklist with which to cope. From in-car entertainment to clothing and toothbrushes for all of the kids, there is plenty to do to get ready. However, one of the most important lists that are meant to prepare you for the expedition is the one that relates to your vehicle. Facing car trouble on while on a road trip is always a worse-case scenario. In order to avoid such setbacks, check the following five items on your vehicle before you depart for family adventure.

General Maintenance

It is always a good idea to keep up with oil changes, recharge car  batteries, fluid levels, and other annual inspection items on a regular basis. However, these things are critical before a road trip where you vehicle is likely to be called upon for long hours in less than average conditions. If you are going anywhere hot, then be sure to add coolant levels to the list of fluids to be inspected before departure as well.

Rubber on the Road

Ensure that your tires are in good condition before pulling out of the drive way. Low air levels and bad tread can lead to poor gas mileage in addition to increasing the discomfort of the ride. This element can also be a safety concern. Should the tread be worn to the point that the internal wiring is exposed, there is a high likelihood of experiencing a blowout that can potentially cause you to have a sudden accident.

A Quick Stop

The condition of your brakes should be inspected as well. Be sure that the rotors and pads have enough life in them to provide adequate stopping distances. Also, check on the levels of brake fluid in the vehicle. Should you not be able to perform this one yourself, the majority of auto shops will do a free inspection in very little time.

Pack a Basic Kit

You never know what kind of obstacles and unexpected mechanical problems you will face on these kinds of drives. In order to be prepared, bring along a small tool kit that includes some of the basic requirements for general auto jobs. This kit should include items such as wrenches, pliers, a hammer, screwdrivers, and ratchets.

Battery Power

Check the condition of your battery using an amp reader to make sure that it will get you to your destination and back again. While looking at the battery, also glance at the alternator for any obvious problems that might impede its ability to recharge the battery as your trip moves ahead. Should any signs of corrosion or other red flags be present on the battery connectors, clean them or replace the battery altogether before leaving home.

Your Source for Battery Chargers Tucson AZ

If you’re in Tucson, AZ and need battery supplies, specifically rechargeable batteries and battery chargers, make sure you consider General Power Batteries!

Rechargeable batteries can save you tons of money over time and keep all your common and necessary electronics working properly.


General Power Batteries offers an array of batteries (alkaline and rechargeable) and battery chargers.

Our battery chargers support the following types of batteries:


12volt Batteries used for:

– Children’s Vehicles

– Portable Camping Equipment

– Marine (incl. deep cycle)



24volt Batteries:

– Marine (incl. deep cycle)

– Wheel Chairs

– Scooters

– Power Tools



AAA Batteries:

– TV Remotes

– MP3 Players

Digital cameras



AA Batteries:

– Small toys

– Remotes

– Cameras

– Grooming Appliances

– Other Home Electronics



C Batteries:

– Clocks

– Portable radios

– Flashlights



D Batteries:

– Flashlights

– Stereos

– Portable Fans



9volt batteries:

– Smoke Detectors

– Small Toys

– Guitar Accessories

– Clocks

– Walkie Talkies



As you can see, there are plenty of uses for rechargeable batteries, and plenty of types of rechargeable batteries as well. Our various battery chargers are capable of supporting all of the above types of rechargeable batteries.

For more information on batteries in Tucson and what General Power Batteries can offer you, please visit our website or contact us today!

Welcome to General Power Batteries of Tucson, AZ




With over 60 years of family history in Arizona, General Power Batteries in Tucson, AZ knows batteries!

Dozens of national and international battery manufacturers are scrutinized by General Power, as they are tested for their ability to make the best batteries – in SLI, Deep-Cycle, AGM, and Rugged-Duty specialty applications – for the future.



General Power is a Member of the Power-Partners Program™, which extends better pricing of quality products to each one of its customers in the following divisions:


  • Automotive Aftermarket
  • Commercial Battery Supply
  • Truck Fleets
  • Industrial & Mining Operations
  • Farming
  • Marine
  • RV
  • Golf Car
  • Electric Vehicle
  • Solar Home
  • Motorcycle
  • Sanitation
  • Medical
  • UPS
  • Military
  • Government Supply


During the past 60 years, over 500 million pounds of batteries have been handled, and over $200 million in sales & economic spending have been made in General Power’s history. Products have been sold in 5 different countries, including 14 western states of the US, with private labeling done by over 20 regional, national & international manufacturers!


Our Products Include:



  • AGM Sealed – Rechargeable Batteries
  • Alkaline Batteries – Energizer
  • Automotive Batteries – Starting
  • Commercial & Industrial Batteries – Heavy Duty
  • Golf Cart Batteries – Deep Cycle
  • Lighting Batteries – Emergency
  • Marine & RV Batteries
  • Medical Equipment Batteries
  • Motorcycle & ATV Batteries
  • Solar Batteries


Battery Chargers for:

  • AAA
  • AA
  • C
  • D
  • 9volt
  • AGM
  • Gel Batteries


Health Products

  • AquaDraat
  • Hygenall Decontamination & Cleaning Wipes


Inverters for:

  • Laptops
  • Palm Pilots
  • CD Players
  • Televisions
  • Power Tools



  • 12volt Batteries and Alternators



  • Glove Caddy


Testers & Analyzers for:

  • 6volt Batteries
  • 12volt Batteries



  • Ratchets
  • Spreaders
  • Pliers
  • Cables
  • Repair Kits


General Power Batteries in Tucson, AZ knows batteries!

Call General Power, Inc. at (520) 622-6735,

If you have any questions, you can also contact us by e-mail at:

You Have the Alternative Power!

With over 280 days of sun in Tucson every year, it’s no wonder more and more Tucsonans are turning to alternative methods of power, like solar energy. As we all know, solar power is the conversion of sunlight into electricity. This can be done directly, using photovoltaic arrays, or indirectly using concentrated solar power. Typically most homeowners will have access to photovoltaic arrays, or solar panels, which convert light directly into an electric current.

The demand for solar power has risen recently, with an expected 75% growth by then end of 2012.  And because of this increasing focus on finding and using renewable energy sources, it has provided ample opportunity for homeowners to employ a deep cycle battery. A deep cycle battery is designed to discharge a steady amount of current over a long period of time. This comes in handy when using devices that require a long surge.

So how does it work? It’s actually pretty simple. Solar panels are used to capture the sun’s energy and then convert it into electricity. Connecting the panels to a deep cycle battery is an ideal way to store that energy for future electrical use. But like all batteries, the deep cycle battery releases energy in direct current, or DC, form. What does this mean for you? Many of our every day appliances, like laptops, power tools and TVs use AC, or alternating current. So how do we convert DC into AC? With the help of an inverter of course.

These small, inexpensive devices can convert the direct current from the deep cycle battery into an alternating current that can be used by normal household devices. And our DC to AC converters can convert 12volt DC into 120volts of AC. It’s perfect for use in Cars, Planes, Boats, RV’s, etc.

With the average household paying nearly $170 each month in energy costs, having an alternative power source is becoming more alluring and not to mention practical. Deep cycle batteries can definitely be a cost effective alternative to rising energy bills. No matter what the application – No matter what the power demand, we have the correct battery for your needs. Call our experts today for advice on how to get started!