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12 Volt Marine Batteries

12 Volt, 115 Amp Deep-Cycle Marine

Of the many types of batteries, marine batteries undergo some of the hardest working conditions. They are often put to the test over long hours of heavy vibration and high horse power – all without being recharged daily.

It’s no question then that you need a long lasting and quality battery for all your marine outings. That’s why General Power Batteries of Tucson carries only the most reliable in marine and deep-cycle batteries.

In Tucson we don’t always get to make it away from our desert home, but when we do – those of us with the luxury will head to the sea! Many homeowners in Tucson own boats, yachts and other marine vehicles for exactly this reason.

If you’re one of those people, then look no further than General Power to solve your marine battery needs! Our 12 Volt marine batteries are designed to outlast the rest and they only come at the most affordable market prices.

As a local wholesale battery distributor, General Power can offer starting, dual-purpose, and deep-cycle marine batteries at economical prices and the best part is there is no need for you to wait or pay extra for shipping!

Our marine batteries also range from 80 to 115 AMPs to satisfy a variety of marine vehicles.

Please feel free to email us or call today to speak with one of our knowledgeable and professional battery technicians about fitting your vehicle with the right battery!


Why Buy Wholesale Batteries?

With everything from battery chargers and testers, to simple alkaline batteries and even medical equipment batteries, General Power Batteries of Tucson AZ carries it all – and at a cheaper price.

The question of ‘why buy wholesale’ may seem like an easily answered question; and it is. Wholesale batteries are just as good, meant to last, and save you money (alkalines like Energizer Industrial have the same ratings as the retail versions, just a different branding wrapper).

Really the best part about a wholesale battery distributor like General Power, Inc. is that we can provide everything from basic to more niche batteries – like deep cycle marines.


If it’s commercial or industrial, we can take care of your needs. If it’s automotive batteries or even golf cart batteries, we still have the solution – and always cheaper.

As a local warehouse and distributor, we have the advantage of not only getting you the battery or battery accessory you need for cheaper, but also we can get it to you faster.


Buying local also supports the local economy as we know, and as long time citizens of Tucson we like to help provide our community with the best products for the most affordable prices just as they offer us with their own businesses.

In a growing world where energy and power is always in demand, General Power Batteries takes care of all your needs when it comes to battery products.

Please feel free to contact us at (520) 622-6735  Mon.-Fri., 8am-4:30pm or email to!