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Battery-Powered Electric Golf Cart Check List

Wholesale Golf cart batteries

Virtually every golf course in America depends on the use of motorized golf carts. Although electric golf carts are generally very dependable, they still need to be properly maintained. Here are some important maintenance tips for the owners of a battery-powered golf cart.

Inspect the lights
The brake lights, taillights, turn signals, and headlights all need to be in working order. This is especially true for the street-legal golf carts. Most faulty lights are caused by either a bad bulb or a blown fuse.

Tire inflation
Low tire pressure forces an electric golf cart’s motor to consume too much of the battery’s energy supply. Always check the tire pressure with a digital gauge prior to driving the golf cart. A leaky tire can usually be traced to a puncture or cut.

Battery maintenance
In order to work effectively, golf cart batteries need to be fully recharged on a regular basis. Deep cycle batteries also need to be periodically refilled with distilled water. If you notice the presence of wet spots under the battery, this is a key indication that the battery is leaking fluid. When selecting a replacement battery, remember that wholesale golf cart batteries are typically less expensive. To ensure the longevity of a golf cart battery, the terminals need to remain free of corrosion at all times. Placing electrical grease around the battery terminals is a great way to prevent oxidation.

Mirrors and windshield
Dirty windshields and mirrors can dramatically impair a driver’s visibility. Before heading out to the course, clean your golf cart’s windshield using a mild glass cleaner and a lint-free towel.

Check the steering wheel
The steering system is one of the most neglected components on a golf cart. Occasionally greasing the steering system will certainly help to minimize the amount of wear and tear placed on the steering column.

Examine the brakes
The braking system is the most important safety feature on a golf cart. If the brakes begin to squeal or experience a decrease in performance, they need to be examined as soon as possible.

Functional gears
Before attempting to travel long distances, take the time to test the gears on your golf cart. Be sure that the transmission selector switch has been completely pushed into the correct slot before calling a repairman to fix the issue.

Summer Time Tips for Maintaining your Car Battery

In the summer, your battery is actually quite vulnerable to damage as a result of the heat. Corrosion, evaporation of battery fluids and explosion are just some of the ways the summer heat can harm your battery. There are some things you can do to prevent the heat from having a really bad affect on your battery.

Get to know your battery

Get out your car’s manual, and read the section that talks about the type of battery in your car. This will tell you what the battery indicator lights in the car mean and how to clean your battery. Make sure you wear safety goggles, gloves and a shirt with long, thick sleeves. You may need to add water to your battery. Always use distilled water.

Help your battery to complete its lifespan

Typically, a car battery has a lifespan of four years. You can help it reach this mark by protecting it from extreme temperatures. Try not to leave your car sitting out in the hot sun on a regular basis. Here’s why:

There is water in your battery’s fluids, and heat can cause this water to evaporate, which would be detrimental to your battery.

The heat also causes corrosion, which means your battery will slowly disintegrate. The battery gets hot on its own. Summer temperatures of 95 degrees or more are not going to help.

Keep your battery in a covered parking area or in your garage. If your car will be sitting for an extended period of time in an unprotected area, you could always take the battery out until you are ready to use it again.

Keeping your car in your garage during the cold winter months will help it reach life expectancy too.

Have your battery tested

General Power Batteries Inc. is a leading source of information on automotive batteries. They also inspect and test batteries. Having your car battery tested biannually or even every three months will ensure it doesn’t give out on you at the wrong time. A test will let you know the condition of your car’s battery and how soon you should plan on getting a new one.

A test can tell you a lot, but if your battery is leaking or bulging in places, then you need to replace it.

General Power Batteries Inc. services are available in Tucson, Arizona. Don’t hesitate to get in contact for all of your car, golf cart, and marine battery needs and questions.

Golf Cart Battery Care

If you have a golf cart, it is important that you know how to properly take care of it. Failure to do so could lead to a number of problems. There are many people who assume that golf cart batteries are maintenance-free. However, this is not the case.

You will need the following items to maintain and care for your golf cart battery:

  • gloves
  • goggles
  • petroleum jelly
  • baking soda
  • a post cleaner
  • a hydrometer (this is used to measure the amount of gravity in electrolyte solution)
  • a voltmeter (this is used for the measurement of the voltage found between two points found in an electric circuit)
  • distilled water
  • wrench

Make sure the clothing you are wearing will protect you. Goggles and gloves that are acid proof are essential when you are dealing with acid batteries. Baking soda and water can neutralize an acid spill and prevent the damage from getting worse. Do not allow the electrolyte solution to touch your skin. Never smoke near a battery. Do not add acid to a battery.

Six lead-acid batteries under the front seat are usually used to power a golf cart.

Look at the batteries and see if there are any cracks on the sides or top of the container. Make sure no corrosion, fluids or dirt are on the connections and posts. Any batteries that are damaged need to be replaced.

Tighted all vent caps. Use a solution made from water and baking soda along with a brush or cloth to clean the top of the battery. Make sure that no foreign matter or cleaning solution is allowed to enter the battery. Use clean water to rinse the battery and a clean cloth to dry it. Do not use any spray cleaners or solvents. Use a clamp and post cleaner to clean the inside of the cable clamps and the terminals of the battery. Attach the clamps to the terminals. Afterwards, put a thin layer of petroleum jelly on them.

Only add water after the battery has been fully charged. Before it is charged, the plates should be covered by water. A fully or partially discharged battery should have a water level that is higher than the plates.

Never fill the water up to the cap. Never allow air to contact the plates. Never use water that has a high content of minerals. Only use water that is deionized or distilled.

On a weekly basis, check the level of water in every battery cell. All of the leaded battery plates need to be submerged in liquid. Only add enough water to submerge the plates.

Come and visit General Power Batteries for all your battery needs.

Tucson Golf Cart Batteries!

Although it can get quite hot in the summers, and monsoons can be sporadic and untimely here, those of us in Tucson still enjoy a day hitting the links any time of the year when the weather allows it.

With country clubs all around and so many courses around the city to golf at, many Tucsonans have also invested in their own golf carts for playing instead of using a club cart.

If that’s the case, then you know all too well that the crazy heat here can be destructive to batteries and cause deadly corrosion, which quickly reduces their ability to hold a charge.

Like car batteries, golf cart batteries can indeed be costly so it’s always a smart idea to store your golf cart properly and check the battery often. However, much of the time, these tasks evade us and we end up with a dead battery.

Do practice better awareness in the future, but don’t think that you’re the only one who’s made the mistake of improper battery maintenance, or lack there of.

General Power Batteries of Tucson AZ carries a variety of wholesale golf cart batteries for the price you’re looking for in a replacement as well as the quality you’ve come to expect from your original battery.

Whether it be your typical EZ-GO or something more embellished like a Gem Cart, we can help you out with your battery needs. Be sure to check our website for our selection and pricing!

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You Have the Alternative Power!

With over 280 days of sun in Tucson every year, it’s no wonder more and more Tucsonans are turning to alternative methods of power, like solar energy. As we all know, solar power is the conversion of sunlight into electricity. This can be done directly, using photovoltaic arrays, or indirectly using concentrated solar power. Typically most homeowners will have access to photovoltaic arrays, or solar panels, which convert light directly into an electric current.

The demand for solar power has risen recently, with an expected 75% growth by then end of 2012.  And because of this increasing focus on finding and using renewable energy sources, it has provided ample opportunity for homeowners to employ a deep cycle battery. A deep cycle battery is designed to discharge a steady amount of current over a long period of time. This comes in handy when using devices that require a long surge.

So how does it work? It’s actually pretty simple. Solar panels are used to capture the sun’s energy and then convert it into electricity. Connecting the panels to a deep cycle battery is an ideal way to store that energy for future electrical use. But like all batteries, the deep cycle battery releases energy in direct current, or DC, form. What does this mean for you? Many of our every day appliances, like laptops, power tools and TVs use AC, or alternating current. So how do we convert DC into AC? With the help of an inverter of course.

These small, inexpensive devices can convert the direct current from the deep cycle battery into an alternating current that can be used by normal household devices. And our DC to AC converters can convert 12volt DC into 120volts of AC. It’s perfect for use in Cars, Planes, Boats, RV’s, etc.

With the average household paying nearly $170 each month in energy costs, having an alternative power source is becoming more alluring and not to mention practical. Deep cycle batteries can definitely be a cost effective alternative to rising energy bills. No matter what the application – No matter what the power demand, we have the correct battery for your needs. Call our experts today for advice on how to get started!