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Most car batteries must be replaced numerous times throughout the years. Batteries often fail when they get old or when they are completely drained. Shopping for a replacement battery is not difficult. However, several things must be considered during the buying process. Also, certain procedures must be implemented to protect the battery after it is installed. Finally, once the battery is totally drain, it should be disposed in an environmentally safe manner.

Car Battery Batteries – Maintenance AdviceIf you buy a maintenance-free battery, you won’t have to inspect the electrolyte levels. Although absorbent glass mat batteries are much safer, they have a higher price tag. However, if your car’s design makes the process of reaching the battery difficult, an AGM battery is the best solution.

Buy A Battery That Suits Your Driving Needs

Before you go out and buy a new battery, take notes so that you can select the proper battery design and size for your specific vehicle. You can find this information in the owner’s manual.

Another thing to consider is the driving conditions and climate in your neighborhood. Some batteries cannot handle high temperatures very well. Increased heat leads to corrosion and lower electrolyte levels.

Car Battery Batteries – Buying Advice

Every battery loses energy when over time. To ensure a longer battery life, select a unit that is under six months old. The shipping code for the date can be found on the case. The code varies depending on the manufacturer. Usually, the month is determined by a letter, and the year is determined by a number.

Purchase a battery that has a plastic loop because the handle makes lifting and transporting easier. Since a battery weights 40 pounds, the handle can help you lower it into the tray.

Battery Recycling

When your battery gets old, consider recycling it instead of tossing it into the trash. The toxic acid and lead in the battery can be recycled. If you do not have access to a recycling facility, a retailer can properly dispose the battery.

Always talk to someone in the store before you buy a battery. At some locations, you may have to pay a fee to recycled a battery. However, after you return the battery for recycling, the retailer will provide a refund.

Battery Charging Essentials

Keeping a car battery charged is part of a good maintenance plan; you want to be sure you car starts when you need it most. Most people have had experience jump starting a car at one time or another, hooking the battery of a running car to your drained battery, but in this article, we’re discussing keeping your healthy battery fully charged, or putting a charge on a dead or nearly dead battery in your home.

There are several steps to assure you get a solid charge, and maintain a safe environment while charging to avoid the possibility of any injury.

For equipment, you should consider owning a trickle charger. This is a device that plugs into your wall outlet and has jumper cables attached to it. A trickle (slow) charge provides a charge to your battery on a ‘non-urgent’ basis, and batteries seem to hold charges that have been delivered by a trickle charger for a longer period of time.

In order to prepare your car and battery for charging, you’ll need to follow a few steps:

1) Clean the battery terminals if needed. If they have a white powder like substance on them, this is dried sulfuric acide and can burn your fingers, so use caution. Clean the terminals with dry sandpaper, or a clean cloth with baking soda.

2) Remove the cell caps, the series of small caps on top of the battery. Gases build up during charging and removing the caps allows the gas to escape safely.

3) Attach the jumper cables, matching the appropriate colors, or the POS and NEG indicators. Do not let the jumper cables touch each other.

4) Turn on the charger, and let it run overnight. Check the meter in the morning and if reads less than an ampere, the task is complete and you can unplug the charger, and remove the jumper cables.

5) Test. See if you can start the car easily, without effort. If you can, your charge was successful; if you can’t, you probably need a new battery.

You can check your battery’s charge from time to time with a tool called a hydrometer If your battery has good days and bad days, you can tell if you need to ‘top off’ a charge from the hydrometer reading. Come and visit us at General Power Batters, where are always happy test and service your battery for you.

Easy Ways to Extend the Life of Your Car’s Battery

There is no worse feeling in the world than being stranded because your car won’t start. It can be nerve racking to discover that the battery in your car is dead. Sadly, only about 30 percent of car batteries make it the 48 months they’re designed to last. A car battery can be costly to replace, especially if it dies well before the manufacturer’s expiration date. There are many factors that play a role in early destruction of a car battery. Here are some helpful tips that may help extend the life expectancy of your vehicle’s battery.

1. Insulate It: Most of the time, there is extra space surrounding the battery in a car. If so, wrapping the battery with an insulation blanket can help immensely. It keeps the battery warm in the winter and cool in the summer. When protected from the harsh elements of weather, a car battery recharges properly and isn’t drained as badly. If there is no extra room around the battery to install an insulation blanket and you’re already purchasing a new battery, consider buying a smaller battery so it can be insulated. Many people have found that a smaller, insulated battery lasts longer than a larger, non-insulated battery.

2. Keep It Clean: Keeping the battery clean and clear of debris helps it work more efficiently. A wet rag can be used to wipe down the sides and top of the battery casing to remove dirt and dust. Many don’t realize it, but dirt and gunk on the case can drain the power slap out of a battery. However, the most common place for corrosion build up is on the terminals of the battery. When corrosion is bad, it prevents the current from passing from the battery in to the battery cables. A screw driver or pliers work great for scraping gunk off of the terminals. Always be sure to tighten the terminal clamps on the battery posts. Keeping all aspects of your car battery clean will aid in extending the life of the battery.

3. Avoid Short Trips: Starting a car is very draining for its battery, especially in areas where the climate tends to be colder. Whenever possible, walk or ride a bike. If these options are not feasible, try to group errands and short trips in to one long trip. Your car battery will thank you as it won’t have to work as hard to keep its charge.

These are only a few ways to extend the life of your car battery. Maintenance is the key and by following these simple tips your battery will be able to live out its full life expectancy with many strong starts! Visit General Power Batteries now and get wholesale prices on your new battery.

Tucson Golf Cart Batteries!

Although it can get quite hot in the summers, and monsoons can be sporadic and untimely here, those of us in Tucson still enjoy a day hitting the links any time of the year when the weather allows it.

With country clubs all around and so many courses around the city to golf at, many Tucsonans have also invested in their own golf carts for playing instead of using a club cart.

If that’s the case, then you know all too well that the crazy heat here can be destructive to batteries and cause deadly corrosion, which quickly reduces their ability to hold a charge.

Like car batteries, golf cart batteries can indeed be costly so it’s always a smart idea to store your golf cart properly and check the battery often. However, much of the time, these tasks evade us and we end up with a dead battery.

Do practice better awareness in the future, but don’t think that you’re the only one who’s made the mistake of improper battery maintenance, or lack there of.

General Power Batteries of Tucson AZ carries a variety of wholesale golf cart batteries for the price you’re looking for in a replacement as well as the quality you’ve come to expect from your original battery.

Whether it be your typical EZ-GO or something more embellished like a Gem Cart, we can help you out with your battery needs. Be sure to check our website for our selection and pricing!