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Choosing the Right Multi-Battery Isolator

Multi-battery isolators have the ability to charge more than one battery simultaneously from a single power source, not requiring a parallel connection of the battery terminals. The main reason that this is beneficial is due to the fact that a weaker battery connected to a stronger battery will end up draining the charge from the stronger battery. One battery is dedicated to holding the charge for starting up the vehicle, the other battery used for a range of things, including car radio equipment or powering portable devices. Their purpose is to ensure that the starting battery has enough power so that the engine can start and batteries can recharge in case the auxiliary battery fails or drains too much energy.

These isolators are normally used in larger vehicles rather than regular automobiles, like recreational and utility vehicles, boats and planes; they are used in vehicles with large, high-power car stereos and off road vehicles to accommodate high current loads.

In order to determine the correct multi-battery isolator for one’s vehicle, there are a few factors. Size is an important factor. The isolator should have an amperage rating equal to or greater than the peak current output in order to interact properly with the vehicle’s alternator system. Utilizing the recommended wire sizes for specific connection distances is also a factor to optimize the use of the right isolator. Choosing the correct isolator also depends on the number of alternators one has or the amount of desired batteries the system will charge.

General Power, Inc. of Tucson, Arizona pride themselves in their knowledge and experience with batteries and multi-battery isolators. They hold over sixty years of family history in Arizona. With their constant learning during manufacturing and the production of batteries designed to perform longer in Arizona, General Power have been able to outlast over twenty competitors.

With their superior experience and consistent progress toward advancing batteries in any way they can, they have obtained the privilege to scrutinize dozens of national and international battery manufacturers, testing their ability to make the best batteries for the future. Member of the Power-Partners Program, they extend better pricing of quality products to each one of its customers. They have handled over 500 million pounds of batteries, making $200 million in sales and economic spending, selling products in 5 different countries with private-labeling done by over twenty regional, national, and international manufacturers.

We Carry Battery Isolators!

In need of a battery isolator in Tucson? General Power Batteries of Tucson AZ has exactly what you need.

We carry both 95 AMP and 120 AMP battery isolators for great prices, ranging from $25-$55!

These are especially useful for setting up a car audio system with two batteries. A battery isolator will distribute the charge from each battery in order to prevent them both from dying out over time. They also work in congruence with your alternator so setting up your system is as easy as ever.

We supply our battery isolators at a fair price so you can hook up your audio system with extra power and without having to go outside your budget. Give us a call today at 520-622-6735 or check out the battery isolators section on our site to view our selection!

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With over 60 years of family history in Arizona, General Power Batteries in Tucson, AZ knows batteries!

Dozens of national and international battery manufacturers are scrutinized by General Power, as they are tested for their ability to make the best batteries – in SLI, Deep-Cycle, AGM, and Rugged-Duty specialty applications – for the future.



General Power is a Member of the Power-Partners Program™, which extends better pricing of quality products to each one of its customers in the following divisions:


  • Automotive Aftermarket
  • Commercial Battery Supply
  • Truck Fleets
  • Industrial & Mining Operations
  • Farming
  • Marine
  • RV
  • Golf Car
  • Electric Vehicle
  • Solar Home
  • Motorcycle
  • Sanitation
  • Medical
  • UPS
  • Military
  • Government Supply


During the past 60 years, over 500 million pounds of batteries have been handled, and over $200 million in sales & economic spending have been made in General Power’s history. Products have been sold in 5 different countries, including 14 western states of the US, with private labeling done by over 20 regional, national & international manufacturers!


Our Products Include:



  • AGM Sealed – Rechargeable Batteries
  • Alkaline Batteries – Energizer
  • Automotive Batteries – Starting
  • Commercial & Industrial Batteries – Heavy Duty
  • Golf Cart Batteries – Deep Cycle
  • Lighting Batteries – Emergency
  • Marine & RV Batteries
  • Medical Equipment Batteries
  • Motorcycle & ATV Batteries
  • Solar Batteries


Battery Chargers for:

  • AAA
  • AA
  • C
  • D
  • 9volt
  • AGM
  • Gel Batteries


Health Products

  • AquaDraat
  • Hygenall Decontamination & Cleaning Wipes


Inverters for:

  • Laptops
  • Palm Pilots
  • CD Players
  • Televisions
  • Power Tools



  • 12volt Batteries and Alternators



  • Glove Caddy


Testers & Analyzers for:

  • 6volt Batteries
  • 12volt Batteries



  • Ratchets
  • Spreaders
  • Pliers
  • Cables
  • Repair Kits


General Power Batteries in Tucson, AZ knows batteries!

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You Have the Alternative Power!

With over 280 days of sun in Tucson every year, it’s no wonder more and more Tucsonans are turning to alternative methods of power, like solar energy. As we all know, solar power is the conversion of sunlight into electricity. This can be done directly, using photovoltaic arrays, or indirectly using concentrated solar power. Typically most homeowners will have access to photovoltaic arrays, or solar panels, which convert light directly into an electric current.

The demand for solar power has risen recently, with an expected 75% growth by then end of 2012.  And because of this increasing focus on finding and using renewable energy sources, it has provided ample opportunity for homeowners to employ a deep cycle battery. A deep cycle battery is designed to discharge a steady amount of current over a long period of time. This comes in handy when using devices that require a long surge.

So how does it work? It’s actually pretty simple. Solar panels are used to capture the sun’s energy and then convert it into electricity. Connecting the panels to a deep cycle battery is an ideal way to store that energy for future electrical use. But like all batteries, the deep cycle battery releases energy in direct current, or DC, form. What does this mean for you? Many of our every day appliances, like laptops, power tools and TVs use AC, or alternating current. So how do we convert DC into AC? With the help of an inverter of course.

These small, inexpensive devices can convert the direct current from the deep cycle battery into an alternating current that can be used by normal household devices. And our DC to AC converters can convert 12volt DC into 120volts of AC. It’s perfect for use in Cars, Planes, Boats, RV’s, etc.

With the average household paying nearly $170 each month in energy costs, having an alternative power source is becoming more alluring and not to mention practical. Deep cycle batteries can definitely be a cost effective alternative to rising energy bills. No matter what the application – No matter what the power demand, we have the correct battery for your needs. Call our experts today for advice on how to get started!