Preparing Your ATV or Motorcycle for a Weekend Ride?
Don’t forget the battery!

Whether you are an ATV rider or a motorcycle enthusiast, nothing beats being able to enjoy an entire weekend of riding. In order for your machine to perform at its best, it must be properly prepared for the adventure ahead. Here are some tips for preparing your all-terrain vehicle or motorcycle for a weekend ride.

Check the fuel supply
Due to their overwhelming excitement, some people tend to forget to check their vehicle’s fuel supply. Running out of gas in the middle of nowhere is a very helpless feeling. If your bike has been in storage for a while, be sure to drain out the old fuel. Gas loses octane over time.

Check the tire pressure
The tire pressure is important for a number of reasons. Not only does extremely low tire pressure force the engine to work harder, but it also dramatically increases the chances of a tire blowout. An exploding tire can cause the motorcycle rider to suddenly lose control. If a tire tends to lose pressure quickly, there is likely a puncture or leak.

The battery is one of the most critical components on your ATV or motorcycle. A motorcycle battery must be fully charged in order to effectively crank the engine. In the event that you plan to store your bike for a long period of time, remove the battery and keep it in a dry area. Depending on the temperature, your motorcycle battery may lose some of its charge over time. Charging it once a week will help to avoid any problems. Batteries that have surpassed their expiration date need to be replaced with a new unit.

Motor oil
The motor oil should never be overlooked. Take the time to check the oil level before each ride. A low level of oil can cause the engine to suddenly lockup while riding. The recommended type of motor oil varies for each engine, so always refer to the owner’s manual.

Chain maintenance
Typically, shaft-driven motorcycles require less maintenance. On the other hand, bikes equipped with a chain should be routinely inspected and oiled. A loose chain will need to be re-tightened back to the factory specs.

Brake inspection
Without a properly functioning set of brakes, your all-terrain vehicle is a major safety hazard. Before taking your machine on a fun-filled excursion, test and inspect the entire braking system.

Follow these tips before heading out for your ride this weekend and everything should run smooth, if you find that you need a replacement ATV battery or motorcycle battery or you want to have your battery professionally tested, then please give us a call or stop by we will be happy to help. We also stock 6 & 12 volt chargers to keep those batteries in prime starting condition when it is not possible to use your motorcycle for extended periods.

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