Breaking News: Inverter Saves Lives in Car Accidents and Vacations Gone Wrong!

Our Life Saving Device

We write about products in our blog area all the time, but we want to focus on how business professionals, families, and anyone (meaning literally everyone) who has used an inverter to charge their iPhone, iPad, or laptop to make a life saving 911 call, or emergency website contact visit, during an accident or a car problem during a vacation situation! People often ask us what inverters are, and we have to basically go through a three step explanation: 1) You take your iPod/iPad/laptop charger/or any household device battery or wall connector 2) Take our 100, 200, 300, 800, or even 1200 Watt Inverter 3) Plug in your devices battery or wall connector into our Inverter, and with a simple cigarette charger plug-in (via your car) you have a device that can be used anywhere on the road. Simple, right? Well there have been accidents in recent news, and pretty much during the huge cell phone and laptop boom, were people involved in severe accidents or vacation trips chose not to buy an inverter to charge their phone! That is very sad, since a 100 Watt Inverter costs around $28, and a life is priceless! A simple plug-in, or two, would have charged these people’s smart phones or laptops very quickly, since it takes about two minutes, at the maximum, to charge an iPhone 5’s battery! Our simplest inverter, the 100 Watt Ultra Slim Power Inverter, would have saved these unfortunate individuals lives, and for the cost of about $29! So, you have to ask the question of: “Is it worth not to invest $29 in an inverter, which fits in my pocket, and would charge my iPhone 5 IN ANY SITUATION, not just in an accident?” Most people would answer NO! IT IS A WORTH WHILE INVESTMENT, since iPhone 5’s have been a huge success in our economy and have become a lifestyle, most of all! Of course the 100 Watt is for iPhones and other similar smart phones, but when you increase the Watts to say 600, then you can attach an i7 1 TB Lenovo laptop or even a MacBook Pro to the inverter and get all of those life saving contacts, or location information, from one of these devices! The 1200 Watt Inverter will power a GE Microwave in an event of these people being stranded and not having means to prepare normal food! 

Any way you turn the situation, an inverter may mean life or death in many situations, so below is data of Arizona’s Car Accidents and Fatalities for the last minute, and simple illustrations of our 100 Watt Inverter and what sample devices can be plugged into it:

This is our 100 Watt Inverter


inverter is needed for iPhone 5

Inverter is needed

Inverter is needed

Inverter is needed


Why You Should Get It From Us

Well, it’s clear that many places like Walmart, various gas stations, and small stores like Radio Shack carry inverters. But, did you ever think about why specialty stores like General Power, Inc. exist? The answer is: We only specialize in battery and battery accessories, that is all! So if you have a question or have a return (which you think is past it’s return date), we can give you a much better and an understandable answer which the small convenient store competition will never do. The fact is, inverters are not sold everywhere and when a company like us, who solely specializes in battery associated supplies, does sell these life saving devices, our main responsibility is too ensure you bought the right inverter and not to send you on a late return hell trip like other convenient store competitors do. We have sold a lot of batteries an other products, which we personally selected for our customers and made sure they had no reason to return our custom made equipment! So, be confident that the 100, 200, 300, or even 1200 Watt Inverter you buy will be only geared towards your needs and not towards a convenient store “sell sell sell” moto!

We’re Pros, Heres Why

When it comes to ANY inverter, battery, battery tester & analyzer, or battery tool need, you deal with an organization that can say:

“During the past 60 years, over 500 million pounds of batteries have been handled, and over $200 million in sales & economic spending have been made in General Power’s history. Products have been sold in 5 different countries, including 14 western states of the US, with private labeling done by over 20 regional, national & international manufacturers!”


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