Hey Tucson, Are You Prepared for the Summer Monsoon?

The Monsoon season is upon us here in Tucson, and we’re getting ready for the raging thunderstorms that can cause damage to our homes and take out our basic utilities. Power outages due to lightening, strong winds, hail, and flash floods are all possibilities during the Monsoon season.

Here are some essential items to have on hand this Monsoon season:

Keep a flashlight and extra alkaline batteries for each member of your family in your emergency kit. These prove useful if the storm hits at night and knocks out your power system.

Radio for information:
When it storms in Tucson power and communication lines can go down. You should have a functional battery-powered NOAA Weather Radio and portable am/fm radio with extra alkaline batteries for emergency information. With a portable radio, you will be able to stay in touch with the outside world and know what to be prepared for if you must venture out.

Maintain your car battery:
No one wants to get stuck somewhere with a dead car battery, especially not during a thunderstorm. The extreme heat we experience just before and during the Monsoon rain season can damage your car battery. Be sure to maintain your car battery year round so you don’t get stuck unexpectedly.

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