Easy Ways to Extend the Life of Your Car’s Battery

There is no worse feeling in the world than being stranded because your car won’t start. It can be nerve racking to discover that the battery in your car is dead. Sadly, only about 30 percent of car batteries make it the 48 months they’re designed to last. A car battery can be costly to replace, especially if it dies well before the manufacturer’s expiration date. There are many factors that play a role in early destruction of a car battery. Here are some helpful tips that may help extend the life expectancy of your vehicle’s battery.

1. Insulate It: Most of the time, there is extra space surrounding the battery in a car. If so, wrapping the battery with an insulation blanket can help immensely. It keeps the battery warm in the winter and cool in the summer. When protected from the harsh elements of weather, a car battery recharges properly and isn’t drained as badly. If there is no extra room around the battery to install an insulation blanket and you’re already purchasing a new battery, consider buying a smaller battery so it can be insulated. Many people have found that a smaller, insulated battery lasts longer than a larger, non-insulated battery.

2. Keep It Clean: Keeping the battery clean and clear of debris helps it work more efficiently. A wet rag can be used to wipe down the sides and top of the battery casing to remove dirt and dust. Many don’t realize it, but dirt and gunk on the case can drain the power slap out of a battery. However, the most common place for corrosion build up is on the terminals of the battery. When corrosion is bad, it prevents the current from passing from the battery in to the battery cables. A screw driver or pliers work great for scraping gunk off of the terminals. Always be sure to tighten the terminal clamps on the battery posts. Keeping all aspects of your car battery clean will aid in extending the life of the battery.

3. Avoid Short Trips: Starting a car is very draining for its battery, especially in areas where the climate tends to be colder. Whenever possible, walk or ride a bike. If these options are not feasible, try to group errands and short trips in to one long trip. Your car battery will thank you as it won’t have to work as hard to keep its charge.

These are only a few ways to extend the life of your car battery. Maintenance is the key and by following these simple tips your battery will be able to live out its full life expectancy with many strong starts! Visit General Power Batteries now and get wholesale prices on your new battery.

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