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Preparing Your ATV For Fall Hunting Season?
Don’t Forget the Batteries!

Please call with your year, make, cc’s and model for exact price and capacity.

Before you take your next hunting trip near Tucson, Arizona, several maintenance procedures should be implemented.

Noise can be a huge problem while hunting because it scares off the animals, but there are ways to reduce the sound of your ATV.

Step One – Secure The Metal Components

All loose metal components on your ATV should be bolted or tied down to the racks securely. Then, place a noise canceling material between each surface, such as a rubber mat.

Step Two – Inspect The Flange

If your ATV has cracks or leaks, it may backfire when you decelerate. To prevent this problem, examine each welded joint on the tubing for leaks. Cracks commonly occur where the engine connects to the pipe.

Step Three – Maintain The Wheel Bearings

Typically, you should inspect your wheel bearings often because water or mud will make them screech. If you wash your ATV thoroughly before you store it, you can embark on your next hunting session quicker.

Step Four – Inspect Your Brakes

Your brakes can also produce sounds in the wild. This is why you must check them often; there should be material on the pads.

By following these steps, you can hunt confidently without worrying about scaring the animals. However, there is one more very important thing that you must understand before you embark on your hunting adventure.

Maintaining Your ATV Batteries

If you take numerous ATV hunting trips each year, your battery could run out of juice while you are hunting. An ATV battery has a maximum voltage that it can produce, which is determined by the manufacturer. The battery’s capacity, however, determines how fast the current travels through the battery each second. So, when you shop for an ATV battery, you must select one that is designed for your ATV. If you choose the wrong battery, your ATV will overheat and waste power.

How To Choose Proper Auto Batteries

If you need help selecting auto batteries for your hunting vehicle, read your ATV manual. Recommendations about ATV batteries can also be found on the ATV manufacturer’s website. Please call us with your year, make, cc’s and model for exact price and capacity. Our 6,000 sq. ft. building warehouses over $500,000 in various replacement batteries and battery related items. We carry a variety of different terminal connections. If you’re having difficulty finding a particular motorcycle or ATV type, please call to speak to one of our experienced technicians for advice.

Bonus Advice

Also remember to bring extra flashlight batteries. Purchase high quality flashlight batteries because they will last much longer.