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New Battery Technology Boasts Extended Life

As a wholesale battery distributor it’s simply in our nature to keep up to date with the latest news in the battery world, and every so often we see a story that we just have to share!

In times there can be little improvement or research showing great potential, but here and there new technology developments in the battery industry can be truly groundbreaking.

For instance, in recent months scientists and researchers working with the University of Southern California have nearly perfected a way to vastly improve the quality of what we know currently as lithium batteries.

At the moment, the typical rechargeable lithium batteries sold on the market (the ones that power most of our electronic gadgets) are designed with a cell in which lithium ions are passed between microscopic silicon sheets.

Most people aren’t sure what to think of that, but any battery guru can tell you that overtime these silicon sheets degrade and crack, thus reducing their capacity and overall discharge of energy.

Typically it doesn’t take too long for that to happen, hence why most cellphone distributors will advise you only charge your battery once it’s completely dead in order to extend your battery’s overall life and day to day charge.

This new technology being done at USC actually allows the cells to operate in such a way that does away with the idea of using these silicon sheets. Instead, the technology is designed around more complex, porous fields of nano-sized silicon ‘tubes’.

So what’s important about this change from sheets to an array of tubes? Battery life. Your 8 hour phone charge could soon last 3 days with this type of change in cell structure.

And what’s more? The coolest part about all of this is actually that the patent for the technology hints that it could be applied to new batteries in just a few more years!