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200 Watt Single Socket Power Inverter

200W single socket power inverter tucson battery

Item #GS-200

4 or more:

Purchase of more than $2,500:

Converts 12volt DC to 120volt AC
Operate your Electronic Devices anywhere you go.
Perfect for use in Cars, Airplanes, Boats, RV's, etc...


Continuous Output Power: 200 Watts
Peak Surge Power: 600 Watts
AC Outlet: 1
DC Input Voltage: 12 Volt Battery
Output Wave Form: Modified Sine Wave
AC Output Voltage: 120.5 ~ 109.5v
Output Frequency: 60 +/- 1 Hz
Efficiency: Over 90%
Dimensions (in inches) 5.0 x 3.25 x 2.0
---------SAMPLE APPLICATIONS-----------
Laptop Computers, 95w
Palm Pilots, 42w
CD Changer / Mini System, 60w
27 inch Color TV, 150w
Fax w/Auto Feed, 165w
Glue Gun, 20w
Buffer, 77w
Rotary Power Tool, 126w
Soldering Gun, 132w
100 watt Halogen Worklight, 100w
5 inch Bench Grinder, 180w
Cordless Drill Charger
Dremel Tool, 99w
--------- PROTECTIONS ----------
Overload Protection: 200w - 295w
Low Battery Alarm: 10.5v
Low Battery Shutdown: 9.4v
Over Temperature Protection: 60 C
Battery High Shutdown: 15v
Short Circuit Protection
Reverse Polarity Protection
On/Off Switch
Mounting Brackets

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