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AGM, or Absorbed Glass Mat, sealed batteries are a lead–acid rechargeable battery. Because of their construction, they do not require regular additions of water to the cells, and vent less gas than flooded lead-acid batteries.

The reduced venting is an advantage since they can be used in confined or poorly ventilated spaces. Many modern motorcycles and ATVs on the market use AGM batteries to reduce likelihood of acid spilling during cornering, vibration, or for packaging reasons. The lighter, smaller battery can be installed at an odd angle if needed. They also can be employed to lower vehicle weight and provide better electrical reliability compared with flooded lead–acid batteries.

They are used extensively in power wheelchairs, as the extremely low gas and acid output makes them much safer for indoor use and are FAA approved. AGM sealed batteries are also used for recreational marine purposes. AGM deep-cycle marine batteries are typically favored for their low maintenance and spill-proof quality.

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