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6 & 12volt, 100amp Digital Battery Tester

100amp digital battery tester tucson az

Item #50888

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6 & 12volt, 100amp Digital Battery Tester

This 100amp fixed tester will do everything you need when testing and analyzing 12 volt batteries, 12v charging systems or 12 volt startin systems. It features LED polarity check, automatic temperature compensation, automatic power off and gives you accurate test results within 10 seconds! Now that is performance! The true 100 amp fixed load tester is great to use because it has an easy-to-read digital readout. This is a great value as a single purchase and a fantastic buy when you buy in bulk. Buy your true 100amp fixed load tester in bulk and REALLY SAVE!

True 100 Amp FIXED Load Tester
Tests/Analyzes 12 Volt Batteries
Tests/Analyzes 12 Volt Charging System
Tests/Analyzes 12 Volt Starting System
LED Polarity Check
Easy to Read DIGITAL Readout
Accurate Test in 10 Seconds
Auto Power Off
Automatic Temperature Compensation

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